Thursday, 25 December 2008

the number 2

i finally get to see the updated fififlafla blog which has been blocked for the past days (i think). i came across a very sweet entry.. noting their second anniversary..

their wedding was a good one.. one where we all had fun.. and looked good (i was on my best kilos.. break ups do good things to me.. got me down to 47kg. woohoo!)

their wedding also reminded me of caveman. whom i met right before her wedding. we were all in KL for fififlafla's hen night. after 9 years of knowing her.. we finally get to party together. it was a great one at HRC.. tapi awal benor dah penatnye (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! LOL).

the next day was spent at a spa in melawati.. followed by a huge meal of pizza. yumyum. we had to meet up with baby's then fiance (now hubby - who's also caveman's bestie) at the klcc dome. so that was how i met caveman. he was being .. himself. ignorant. annoying. pisses the hell out of me. and didn't even ask for my number.

i had just got out an annoying relationship months (or was it weeks? hmm.. hee!) before this event.. so to me.. man? yea.. whatever. but as my peeps who knows me too well.. i get into them.. just as easy as i get out of it. teehee. well a girl gotta move on right?

he asked for my number from the newly engaged couple. and i still didn't want to pay attention or find anything interesting about him. even when he asked me to marry him less than 8 weeks of knowing each other. gile.

it was until he left for mumbai.. and left for 8 months.. it was until then i realise there is something. three is indeed a lucky number fififlafla.. i finally said yes after the third time.. and we got engaged less then a year of knowing each other.

and got married less then a year after that.

people still ask me.. why him?

i don't know.. i still don't.

i don't know how to put it in words. but i'm sure you can tell in our faces

to maya & razi.. happy 2nd anniversary... you know we love yooouuuuuuuuu..........!!!!


fififlafla said...

Aah....Im so loving you and caveman.. (But u know that right!)..

And that Hen Night at HRC. It was good job that u girls finnaly managed to force me!!

Beb,u forgot that pyjamas talk we had before asleep.

Hah... i love my weight back then too!!

little miss kechik said...

uihh.. that pyjamas talk.. manaleh tulih sinii... hahahahaa! man i need a tub of cookies&cream now. we had that.. and was still 48kg kan..? i wonder how.. hehe!