Friday, 12 December 2008


i miss caveman.

after 2 months of getting hitched.. i miss him super this morning.



Hani said...

hang in there babe..
me hubby gone for a week..
dun miss a thing..
i feel like a single mom most of the time..
wonder why arr?

little miss kechik said...

baru seminggu.. try 3 bulan..

khemy said...

hani..i hate to admit..but sometimes i really look forward for my husband being away..i want to wake up late, eating from the fridge, mandi lambat, watching movies round the clock, let the kids make graffiti on the wall with crayons and vegetate myself..oh how i miss that..\
kechik..enjoy marriage life without kids to the max, occay..LOL

little miss kechik said...

itu bukan marriage life without kids.. itu benti keje.. dok umah. then can wake up late.. mandi lambat & eat from fridge.

suh la laki ko keje kapal..