Saturday, 10 January 2009

and then there was food..

we're back from kampung.. and mak is doing great. a little hiccup here & there .. biasa la.. but m glad i took the long leave. can't wait for the next one. i was teary eyed to leave, as usual. jauh btul kampung.. why can't i have a normal kampung.. like some people.. who drive a max of 3 hours to get there.. ni.. 6 hours ok!!

but the down side of every balik kampung trip.. would be the food. it has always been super.. and i will end up gaining an extra 2 - 3 kilo.. senang2 je. itu pun nasib tak gi umah mak long kat batu pahat.. she has been poisoning me with ideas of pengat (she made the best pengat pisang).. and the best nasik beriyani.. hehehe!

i saw a pic of mine taken during yaya's wedding.. makkk oiiiii............. no wonder everyone thought i was preggers. cane ni.. caveman dah nak balik lagi few weeks.. i don't think that hot maxi looks hot on me anymore. and m too broke to get new clothes. huarghh!! cane nii??!?!?? i dun want caveman going.. "bini den ni?????" *LOL*

anyways.. current resolution.. to fast for the next 3 weeks *LOL*


yayafrdz said...

gumukk??? hehehe...dont worie kak teh..i guess D'maxi still looks hot on u without anythings inside...wahahahaha... (lucah2) huhuhu...jgn mare!

little miss kechik said...

haaa..haaa... report kat ibu diee.... haaa..haaa...

*muka evil*