Sunday, 11 January 2009

say a little prayer..

if there's anyone who's super caught up with their own life .. notwithstanding whatever's blowing up all around them.. it's gotta be me..

since november.. every weekend and public holiday was either spent working.. or nursing. of course, the former is done dengan sangat tidak ikhlas *LOL*

i seriously could not remember when was the last time i get to chill in front of the telly.. and fell asleep. there's no time for naps darlin.. for i have a gajillion things happening all at once.

but as i watch the news yesterday.. and tonight.. i realise everyone is praying hard for the Paletinians. sad. very2 sad. i hate those photos on the kids. my heart goes out to them. i haven't jumped into the boycott american product band wagon though.

so peeps.. let's take a breather of our crazy life .. and pray. for someone else apart from our family & us. m sure it will go a long way.


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