Thursday, 29 January 2009

a breather..

looking back at mama's old pics.. there were many to laugh at. we try to reduce our melancholic mood to a minimal. people (especially mama's siblings) were always wondering how come Taman Hijau has the most of old pics. even of our arwah Tok Nyang's. what can i say.. my parents are a sucker of vintage *LOL*

here are some of those extremely rare (and priceless) collection :

no worries... more "antiques" to come..


Anonymous said...

who are those 4 dara pingitan?
i can only recognise tok nyak, she's first from left kan??

and i laugh my heart loud looking at those pics of mak long yot's siblings, real antiques! priceless i shall say..

-kak ety-

little miss kechik said...

teehee.. mama looked exactly the same kan?

from left.. mak, mak's bestfriend (name unknown.. peah something i think), tok long and an unknown lady (no one could recollect who she was).

little miss kechik said...

p/s : kak ety.. abah suh letak gambar kak ety & angah kat jb. hahahahah!