Wednesday, 4 February 2009

on a brighter note.. finally..!

*note : i like cats when they are made of batu LOL*

after many days of self internalizing.. and shutting ourselves out.. i've decided to get up on my feet & head to my long abandoned garden. plus, we got pots and pots of flowers (including planted by Mak) brought home from Kluang.

little do we know, in Kluang, the chinese bought chrisanthemum for CNY, instead of those little bamboo plants, like here in Lumut. and there were sooo nice... and soo easy to care for. so far la kan.. sebab hidup lagi. my mak long told me they wont reflower (such words? tak kisah aaa) again after this.. huh. so much for enthusiasm.

of course, i got myself a pot of daisy.. which i love. but have failed before. at my aunty's place, mak has succesfull planted daisies right out in the garden.. under the blazing sun. the new one.. did not survive long too. i dunno what went wrong. it was even under the shades. i think it was my very gatal hands.. who got em new sprayed on fertilizers that were suppose to make my hydrangeas bloom.. but i got uber excited and sprayed on all existing plants on my garden *LOL* some worked.. some.. my daisy.. don't *sob*

if anyone knows how to grow daisy.. do drop me a line.. and how the hell do i make my hydrangeas (orang johor panggil bunga zaleha) bloom??!! at my parent's, out of 5.. only 1 bloom. the rest were huge leaves..

the rose planted by mak..

my dying daisies.. helpppp!! the bigger one were falling out.. the small ones are neither here nor there.. but the little buds.. aaa .. i see some hope.. *LOL*

my pet projects.. you know those tiny packets of seed sold at +/-RM2?? these are it..

grow baby groww!!

roses yang belum transfer...


Hani said...

bab beli bunga kat nursery i mmg terer..
bab jaga sampai bunga mintak maaf..keke
bila kering buang dan beli baru aje

little miss kechik said...

nursery?? jom??jom??? ade nursery yg jual pokok kurang dari rm5 tak? ke kite je la bukak nursery. abis citer.

Indispensable_poe said...

you don't u grow vegetables?

little miss kechik said...

veggies? no la.. i dun eat that much greens. except carrots. hehe! plus.. they're all green.. where got fun. my neighbour does.. semua dia tanam..

Hani said...

bukak nursery jual pokok kering!