Monday, 12 January 2009

my girls..

these 2 pics were taken almost 1 month apart.. i sorta remembered them as i was going through the numerous photos in my hp.

Sharifah Arissa.. my dear syed's baby girl.. cute aint she? macaaaammmm aunty chik die.. *LOL* she probably has the coolest closet.. dah bapak die kaki BDO.

Nur Liza Safiya Iskandar.. my 1st niece. my mom was worried when she saw this pic.. she didn't want her to catch my Tiffany & Co obsession as i surrounds her with them..*LOL* but hei.. every girl should have a Tiffany's... (which, i clearly informed caveman everytime i get him to get me one hahahaha)

ye.. i so want one of these.. i wonder where i can get em cheap (ultrasound & fertility pills are costly & my Bank don't cover fertility madness ok... *LOL*)

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zainur said...

Bila lagi ni???