Monday, 12 January 2009

mobile photog..

i was informed by mama that my cousins & aunties reads my blog. so m not allowed to bitch about anyone or anything *sigh*

not that i've been up to that..*grin* of course sexy back tu lain la.. work related stress is allowed k..

anyways.. i didn't take much photos during my leave, last week. the D60 was giving me back ache *LOL* but i did take some neat ones.. until i get to upload them.. here are some taken via our mobile phones..

1st pic : mak kena lavender massage, see how she smiled. she loves it *LOL*

2nd pic : bandak took this pic, on mama's short break to tangkak. she so need one. see how she has lost so much weight. me..? hmm i told u so.. *LOL*

3rd pic : a blooming hydrangea .. this is just 1 tree ok. gile la. selling at RM35. didn't buy them of course.. none of my hydrangeas are blooming & i've officially given up on them *hee*


Indispensable_poe said...

why are they so difficult to care for? i mean the flowers

Hani said...

mine dried up oredi..
bought 'em at ikea..
i think they need loads of fertilizer la those plants..