Friday, 13 February 2009

tagged.. it.. what??

khemy tagged me.. and i have no idea what this tag is about. from 2 other blogs.. it seemed totally different.. poe had 8.. hani had 20.. khemy had 17.. but it all has sorta the same tagline.. things you may want to know about *blog owner*..

sigh.. here goes ( and u know m only doing this becos i looooveeee yooooooouuuuuuuuuuu)

a. i'm a daddy's girl. soccer practise. boxing matches. jogging. gardening. all with daddy.

b. i'm a mummy's girl. nuff said.

c. people think my youngest brother is my elder brother. worst, my boyfriend.

d. i have a buncit problem for as long as i could remember. when i was 16.. i was a tiny 45kg but a pot of belly is all the rave *LOL* i could still remember Uncle Murad (yummymummy's daddy) pointed out & said.. "u ni cacing la uncle rasa" .. sekarang cacing dah jadik biawak.

e. its a love hate thing with my job. i hate it cos it sucked. i love it cos it pays the bills. and i used to be good at it. now.. m just bored.

f. i love my skin and i hate my skin. love hate. again. lets just say m very critical of things i shouldnt be. hehe!

g. i love my grandmother. when i was little.. i wouldnt eat mama's left over. yuck. but mak's.. yumms... *LOL*

h. don't get me started on boys. i've dated boys (unqualified men) who are unimagineably cute.. but dumb. the choices i made in life. i have no regrets .. but 1. or maybe 2. between my exes.. i have a gap of 2 months until i meet the next one. nuff said. heheh

i. aku suka gi bundle.

j. i luv my peeps. and i remember their names.. from those i;ve known since i was 3.. until now.

k. pms aku ngalahkan pompuan menopause.

l. caveman was the only man who told me.. "makan la yangg.. takyah diet2 ni". ofcourse.. my brothers said "memangla.. ko baru kawen bape bulan???" hahahahahahaha!

m. kampung gua kat kluang tu.. has the best malay food. hometown wa kat sitiawan ni.. has the best chinese seafood. kampung lagi satu kat endau.. sume pun tak best (maaf banyak2 kat uncle2 / aunty2 aku yg follow blog ni.. hehe)

n. i found 2 of my long lost cousin through my blog. well, one of them i've only heard from arwah mak.. but never met. yes.. i sucked in family ties.

o. m in luv with my nephews.. and i luv all my peeps kids.. ye.. saya sangatttttt leee menginginkannye (ayat yaya hahahahaa)

p. m known as ateh (mama named me after her favourite cousin, who was sooo demure. so she wants me to follow suit la. something i didn't turn out to be.haha), cik kayla (my mak long started this.. something arwah mak loved), kechik (started in uni by this guy named Pak DIn.. cos i was (then) the smallest amongst my peeps. and also cos i was seeing my 1st boyfriend, also named kechik. hee. only my office mates calls me by my real name. and, amazingly, my mertua (also known as the outlaws).

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