Saturday, 14 February 2009

V day irony..

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V day anyone? i have never celebrated valentine's. not in school.. not in uni (i dont consider getting flowers & chocolates a celebration).. not even after i've started working. not because of the it - was - paderi - punya - hari day fiasco.. but because i would either be :

a. single during V-day
b. dating but broke up just in time for V-day

caveman doesn't even know when valentine is.. (geng caveman memang rupe ini gamaknye) and he was never around during V-day. he was in Rotterdam when we were dating.. in Kemaman when we were engaged. and today he's in labuan.

not that i mind.. i think V-day is sooo overrated. do i really need to wait for that tengah bulan dua (time gaji takde lak tu) to get pressies? eeeeeee... but for those who loves it.. Happy Valentine's Day to you peeps.. *grin*

so today to avoid all the V-day specials on telly.. my parents & i drove to Ipoh, Jalan Kuala Kangsar precisely.. as we find out KK Home Deco has opened its branch there. wee!! it was huge. and we had a field day. as Jln Kuala Kangsar is also home to many, many nurseries & pots & gardening stores. murahhh wooo.... but there werent many flowers. only pots.

we came home with a new set of teacups & teapots (i have a thing for teapots).. a cute ceramic telephone.. a purple teapot (get my drift??) .. and a few other nonsense...

anything to avoid the telly v day specials.. *LOL*

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