Tuesday, 10 February 2009

the waiting game..

its already past 10 days .. caveman was supposedly to be off his duties offshore. but he is still stuck in labuan.. huarghhh!!!! and he doesn't even know when he'll get a replacement engineer.

i hate this waiting game. plus the fact that i may still be on clomid next month..


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i don't mean to sound like a desperate housewife (and no m not.. yet *LOL*).. but i have come to a point where i really2 need him around.. with all the thing that has been happening.. and he still couldn't come back.. even when he could.. bloody office politics..

sigh... he should send me more chocolates..

i feel fat. must be my hormons..

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i need a holiday. seriously.


a yummy mummy handbook said...

ohh no..tick tock tick tock, he will be back soon darling...if not another month would not hurt...have u reallybeen boycotting Mcds...uhuhuhuh...i want some now!

little miss kechik said...

yea...but actually i wasn't boycotting.. i just haven't had the time to drive through them.. hehe!

emas_juita said...

hi,i'm fara,buddy of ur friend, Linda (ur bestmaid)she introduced me to ur blog since we have the same problemo.....we're in love with seaman.am juz engaged last CNY n he's going offshore tomorrow.manyak sedey wooo.....

little miss kechik said...

hi..thanks for reading my blog..
and oh no.. another jablai?? teehee! sedey ek... sabor e... you & i both.. heehee