Tuesday, 10 February 2009

this is local laa...!

since everyone is on this boikot barangan US merangkap yahudi zalim bandwagon.. i hereby proudly announce that i have not been driving through Mcd.. for as long as i could remember. i think. other than that.. the list is too endless.. and it would be a miracle if anyone can really boycot them all..

also.. last weekend i was bitten by a very local fire ant (ei.. semut api dalam wikipedia is fire ant ok *LOL*) .. gile sakit aa. it wasn't one of those red ones.. but black with yellow stripes ones. it was so painful i thought a bee (or worst that lipan or kala jengking .. my internal dictionary aint working this morning).. had stung me. turn out it was just an ant.. but the pain is unbelievable. but the doctor decided i did not need any injections..*phew*.. just a handfull of meds. yuck.

on my way back to my sis in law's place.. they stopped by the pasar malam cos the opah needed to get a kite for her cucu (typical). while waiting.. i was listening to fly fm.. and the campur chart (which i've never listened to before) was featuring zee avi. it turn out that she is making this huge wave in youtube via her home made videos.. and currently signed under brushfire records. mind you.. this means she is under the same label as jack johnson (of the white stripes).

she was even featured in rolling stones :

Brushfire Records — home of Jack Johnson, Mason Jennings, Matt Costa, G. Love, Rogue Wave and others — will soon release This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol. 1, a collection of holiday classics and Christmas originals performed by their family of artists.
The collection will also feature the first ever official track by Malaysian singer Zee Avi, who is the first lady to be added to the Brushfire roster. "Patrick Keeler [drummer] from the Raconteurs suggested that we check her out," says Malloy. "And she's the perfect fit. She's like a cross between Norah Jones and Billie Holliday." (Check out a clip of Avi here. ­ Keep in mind she used to perform under a stage name Koko Kaina.) Zee Avi is currently recording her debut at the Solar Power Plastic Plant, Brushfire's home studio in L.A. Backing her are Jack Johnson's band: drummer Adam Topol, bassist Merlo Podlewski and keyboardist Zach Gill. The trio have become the de facto house band for Brushfire. "They're like our Motown rhythm section," says Malloy. "They've been playing on so many records — they're so tight."

i think she sounded very, very good. check out this youtube video of hers.. :

what a wonderful world

i'm finally here

no christmas for me

she has this very soothing norah jones crosses ingrid michaelson voice.. love love love!! so now i can claim..

Malaysian Rocks!



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dont know la babe...n0t feeling her today...maybe coz im bitter..:(

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