Wednesday, 4 March 2009

benefit of a doubt ..

i hate putting make up on. i hate the adventure of taking it off. so for years i've settled for kiddy looks when m out to work.. out with peeps.. out on a date.. you get the idea. my parents' friends still think m in school *perasan mode* hehehee..

but when i got married, caveman insisted i used all the make up we've got for the hantaran. d'uh. i bought them cos they were so good looking. i mean, who doesn't love Benefit, right? but to use them on regular basis.. erghh... *malas mode kicks in* but he said a wife must look good for the husband.. in or out of the house *blergh* so unwillingly i used them..

so for the other malas make up peeps.. for that flawless finish.. i highly recommend Benefit's That Gal primer. and their range of box o powder..

until then.. i still dont out make up on when he's not around. hee...

*note : images from Benefit


a yummy mummy handbook said...

hey...i use That Gal too..i swear by it..its super fast and the only make up i use besides lippy! I takde the powder..

still needs lessons on the eyes...hahahaha

Fieran said...

I need lessons on the eyes too! I suck at it :( But I'm told YouTube has tons of useful videos on how to apply eyeshadow. Hmm, Benefit That Gal huh. They don't have a Benefit counter in Norway :( Talk about lack of variety. But if I can go to UK for vacation, I will get some. Thanks Kechik!!

little miss kechik said...

yea.. i sux in the eye dept too. i wonder how they do it. hmm.

Indispensable_poe said...