Tuesday, 3 March 2009

paying my dues..

1. paid my dues to the outlaws.. they had to leave early for Pilah so i don't have to play good menantu for 2 straight days *LOL* and please la don;t pretend i'm the only one.. hahahaha!

2. paid my dues to arwah.. went back to kluang just in time before the very nice smell at her grave faded on sunday morning. just in time. emotional. but at least now caveman understands why i put on heaps of weight whenever m back in kluang. hee.

3. paid my dues to abah.. huarghh... gaji keduaku (i.e. employer : hubby) terbang melayang.. kena ganti tayar *sobs*

4. paid my dues to myself.. not yet. still very sleepless.

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