Monday, 27 April 2009

at 12th week..

note : 9th week and 12th... hee..

i've been wanting to update my peeps on my belly progress (sorry khemy.. the boobies were too graphic *LOL*) .. but all i've done was take pics
of my belly for caveman.. i mean.. aurat ok! manaleh publish! haahhaha!

so this is as decent as i could get.. in my favourite little miss sunshine tee (amazingly i could still fit it them..).. m trying to take my belly pics with this same tee ..hopefully.

so this morning i had to go to the clinic to get my MC.. as well as a letter that sexyback needed to excuse me from a 1 day course in Bangi (yes... he's a jerk). so i haven't seen munchkin for almost a month.. (my monthly checkup is not until early may). boy has munchkin grown. i could see the hands and feet and the cute little head. the doc was going " aa.. dah besar dah.. tengok dah menguit-nguit (wriggling)"

i burst out laughing and at that point munchkin was kicking and wailing the tiny hands. it was so funny both the doc & i couldn't stop laughing at the sight of it. i felt myself holding back the tears as munchkin rolled from side to side.. the little olympic is still in my head.

sigh... i wish caveman could see it..


a yummy mummy handbook said...

babe.....your belly has grown!!...soo sure ure super cute preggers hahahhaha...the boobs kaka wait til they are filled will susu lemak manis...then u come and tell me how huge they are!.

i hope ure doing ok with the morning sickness..take it easy...thats what mc's are for :).

muahss miss ya

Hani said...

so cute!!!
(breaking into tears..)
so happy for u babe

little miss kechik said...

hee.. well i dont actually feel cute at the mo.. give me a week or two & i'll pick up the vibe.. hahaha!

fififlafla said...

Hello lil one. It is me MamaMya!!!

little miss kechik said...

yea.. the one who will spoil u silly with bites & kisses.

maybe i should remind munchkin how aggresive my peeps can get w/ tiny peeps.. bitemarks!!!