Monday, 27 April 2009

on telly.. and belly

there's been so much going on, i haven't been able to cope.. or blog.

my pending jobs, is still pending.. the list keeps adding up daily. until july.. i have tons of files to review. and the in betweens are just crazy. and sexyback.. huh. we thought that long weekend in BDO oughta do him some good. but he came as cranky as ever. whatever.

in the mummsy department.. m still as nauseaus as ever. based on my HCG, this week will be the worst *sobs* my blood pressure has dropped real bad i just want to curl up and sleep.

oh well.. i really shouldn't complain should i. sure i havent been feeling like myself lately. sure i need a solid 30 mins of toss & turns with 4 pillows to finally doze off. sure i miss caveman horribly and won't be hearing from him until may.

but i really shouldn't complain ei...

now where is that mini cornetto...???

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