Thursday, 16 April 2009

our little garden..

15th February, 2009

17th February, 2009

7th March 2009

5th April, 2009

14th April, 2009

i know i haven't been "quality blogging" lately.. well.. can you blame me? the current 1st trimester in thing is the migraine. the one i feared most. and because i wasn't allowed to take my migraine meds.. there's nothing i could do but brave it all off. blergh.

so today i got my day off (again). so i thought i update my peeps on our tiny garden. apart from the mushroom, the garden was an abandoned project since i found out i was preggers. caveman totally lost his interest in the garden due to his "dad's pregnancy symptom". he had it all.. morning sickness... loss of appetite.. then finding it again with cravings.. fatigue.. teehee. so many of our new plants were left in their black plastic bags, since we bought them.

but what's blooming just right was our hydrangeas & sunflowers *wee*


Indispensable_poe said...

that's gorgeous!
I shall try gardening one day when we get a house to settle down. then you could give me some tips

emas_juita said...

sangat cantik taman anda...that'll bring a smile when have to living alone in a up and down hormonal fiance tanye,mr caveman naik kapal ape?

little miss kechik said...

poe : tips? hee. malu, malu. all i know is .. water water water. hehe!

e_j: ntahla.. kapal pe tah. kat kemaman tapi.. tak best tul. takleh kirim coklat ek? hehehe!

WAQ said...

bunga dah besar panjang. perut pun dah ikut sama besar..idak gitu pn kechik? kekekekeke