Saturday, 11 April 2009


one shall not scratch the itch on the belly & booby.. it will leave ugly stretch marks..


this one given to me by mama... and for someone who DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE stretch marks after 4 kids... i better listen to her..

but oh god it itches! as my belly stretches to make space for munchkin.. i find myself scratching outside my tee.. which then will be stopped by my mom.. "tengok perut mama.. manader.. tahan la cket.. nanti perut buruk!"

ok.. so the Bio Oil have been working.. but sometime in the middle of my pee trips (it is now once every hour!) in the middle of the night.. i wake up to find my hands scratching myself.. its on auto mode *LOL*

as for my dry face... a change of cleanser.. toner & sunblock changes it all.. now m glowing again *perasan*

but the appetite hasn't returned.. sigh. and the motion sickness (morning sickness.. morning?? tipu!) .. is still around. but the good news is.. my gynae told me m actually in my 9th week.. so.. 3 more weeks to go of selera torture... insyaAllah...

its been difficult not having caveman around.. i miss him horribly.. padahal belum naik kapal lagi pun... but still hope he comes back in time for our BDO trip..hee

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