Tuesday, 12 May 2009

cleaning out the closet..

a couple of months ago, my father came home (mushroom) my 2 huge red boxes. which, belonged to me.. and which, was meant to be left at my parent's. for the simplest reason.. i do not want caveman to see what kind of junk i was collecting when i was growing up.

yes. i was a hoarder. teehee..

i use to have a whole box of NKOTB stuff... buttons, posters, prints.. the whole deal..creepy innit? hahha! i wonder where the stuff has gone to..

and don't get me started on the dolls.. stuffed.. papers.. whatever.. ee.. i never actually liked them.. but i keep getting them, for as long as i can remember!

and my tapes.. my precious, precious tapes.. including those mixed tapes which poe willingly helped to send the list to the kedai kaset & had it ready in a couple of days.. for reasons only she knows why.. *ngehngehngeh*

now these particular box was the stuff i was keeping since uni.. and some in high school. so this is the box i need to bury. it had all of my diaries. biasala.. zaman gedik. and to my surprise.. all of the diaries were gone. pikir punye pikir... i remembered trashing them all when i decided to get married to caveman *LOL* bikin suspen je.. rupenye dah takde. grey cells. nuff said. my diaries were the kind which has mementos.. tix stubs.. all those shits la kan.. i know caveman will have a stitch laughing at me.. manaleh kasik chan kan.. hehe!

i hope i don't start collecting anything anymore.. except for clothes of course.. that's a life necessity.. our mushroom just do not have the space for it!


Indispensable_poe said...

i thought i've already paid penance by posting my tailor entry. tut tut tut
anyway, i thought i was the only one with ticket stubs. speaking of which i have alot of rubbish to get rid of too.

Anonymous said...

NKOTB (!!!)..owh God..waaaaayyyyyyy bacccckkkkkkk...


Anonymous said...

poe..i still have the "reality bites" movie soundtrack tape with me which you bought kat Wisma Ganda and lepas tuh we pass around, ye la at that time mana la ade CD burner whatsoever ..i think boleh masuk antic museum kan? remember the track, MY SHARONA???? awesome, awesome..


khemy said...

ntah..naughtiest maximus tu, mana derang sekarang?
tapi album frente yang ko introduced tu aku heart sampai sekarang, sampai aku belajar gitar cord Labour of Love tau tak..

weh, besor perut skarang..nak gak tengok gambar full length..

little miss kechik said...

yeaa... luv luv luv frente.. poe & eni gave me that on my birthday.. still have it though.. but i dont have a cassete player to play it no more.. hee..