Monday, 18 May 2009

*m craving for *

ok.. i know i shouldn't.. maybe m only missing caveman cos these are his favourite food as well.. but then again.. i get this crazy urge of craving madness weird taste in my throat for :

air tebu hebat

but i know i can't have this.. it is a big NO NO .. tajam la.. ape la.. so.. buhbye sugarcane darlin.. see u in 2010 *sobs*

coke!! coke!!

i know m not suppose to.. for its sugar shots factor.. but i had a cup today (a tiny cup ok!!).. but that's that.. and i didn't want it anymore.. hee..

nasi bojari at madam kwan's

yums.. although m not a big beef or prawn fan.. but just.. yums..

and don't get me started on cuppies. sigh. and jus alpokat. and nasik goreng indonesia yang cuma berperencah kulit ayam..

oh well.. maybe i should wait for july.

sabor e munchkin..


Hani said...

air tebu xleh ek?
tatau pon
I just had nasi bojari madam kwan's last week..yumms!
And jus alpokat is not available Sari ratu since avocado is not in season now..*sigh*

Hang in there babe..masa i preggers dulu belasah je makan apa2 after the 1st trimester..

miss ya

little miss kechik said...

well.. that is what i thought.. but my mom was going like .. since this is my first.. she rather not i take risk but taking pineapple & sugarcane. sobs.

eeee i soooo neeed nasik bojari!!!!

khemy said...

weh..air tebu is taboo weh...nama pun tebu kan...