Saturday, 2 May 2009

a new leaf..

10 years ago.. at the though, sight, sound of tomok of new boyz would make me cringe. i'd burst into a laughing fit whenever someone brought back a malay entertainment magz & there's tomok in them. case in point .. just watch this vid. get my drift? *LOL*

a few months ago my little brother YM me with a link of tomok's myspace (or something.. i couldn't recall).. it was tomok announcing his comeback on the local reality tv show One In A Million (S3). reading that just made me laugh. again??? i thought he dissapeared for good.

so as the show went on.. i never did watch them.. i never do anyway.. until my dad kept telling me how good tomok is. hmm. weird. then my officemates were raving about it. cannot be.. kena tengok ni..

and i saw this..waaaaaa... neat! this guy has turned himself around. even caveman was hooked. this was the first time i saw a malaysian artist who turned himself around, totally. 10 years ago.. everyone hated tomok. well.. minus the screaming schoolgirls la kan.. (selected schools mind you LOL) . and now, he went on to win the One In A Million.

oh well.. there goes another million bucks..

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