Friday, 1 May 2009

that stinks!!

almost everything stinks to me these days.. well ... more of at night. so, come 6pm.. my nose turned hyper sensitive and everything is just.. BUSUUKK!!! even my uber yumms bedroom. weird? no. its plain wild hormones..

its hormones too that have been blocking my creative side.. not that i have many la.. but still.. the wedding & mushroom was a big project kan.. teehee! a few days ago i found a bottle of my teddy tales english rose essential oil in one of the wedding boxes.. and decided to give it a go at the aromatheraphy burner majigy..

hee... it worked like wonders.. now everything smells lovely again *relief*

now i just need to find more of these english rose oils.. i know i bought almost 8 bottles of them for the wedding (for the mini pillows we made for as the nikah door gift).. but i could only find 1. i know we only used up 2. hmmm... and its finishing up fast too.. damn. this could get pricey... but it worked better then my electric air freshner / battery operated ones.

and why english rose? heh. baru la bau bililk pengantin mate!


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