Sunday, 21 June 2009


i bet you can tell from the title that i finally got my massage..*LOL*

my officemate has been seeking the help of her neighbour who's a super masseuse, during her first and second (current) pregnancy. she's an expert in pre & post natal massages.. as well as confinement. so i know i'd be in good hand.

but getting her to come around to my house wasn't easy. she soooo busy. so after a week.. i finally get to see her. she came as early as 9am, and i can't wait to get my brutally tired bod massaged.

she turned out to be very young. but very knowledgeable. after much fidgeting with the kain batik (yes, i have no clue how to wear them).. she massaged me for 3 hours. yep. 3 freaking hours.

she told me the baby was a bit low.. so at 20th week.. its safe enough to try to move it upwards. she showed where the top part of my ab was flat.. and it was full and tight downwards. it looked more like a fat belly.. rather than a preggy belly.

lepas bagik salam.. she called on munchkin to move upwards. the funniest thing was, munchkin wouldn't even nudge. she kept saying " sayang, naikla. kesian mummy. bangunla, dah tengah hari ni". but no.. my munch just wouldn't nudge. i told kak mas "arini kan ahad.. tu yang die liat nak bangun tu.." *LOL* so she told me maybe i could talk to her.. which i find funny.. but hei.. since she's an expert.. i just follow la. but all i could think of "munch.. wake up. pasni leh tido balik".

what do you know.. within minutes munchkin moved upwards. and i could see my belly is round .. and .. well.. preggy *grin*

it was such a good massage. the pain in my left pelvic is gone.. i could lie down and get up with ease. plus, my mom loved her. she kept reminding kak mas, that she will be consistently calling her to come over during my confinement. haahhahhaha!

I was suppose to work this weekend. but then again.. WHATEVER!



wati said...

cool la sis...i shud get 1 in my next pregnancy...hehe...

little miss kechik said...

yea.. i so will book her as my confinement lady. hehe

Khemy said...