Tuesday, 14 July 2009

and then there's the light..

ok .. fine.. call me uber enthusiastic.. and has nothing else to blog.. but hei.. m pregnant.. gimme a break. hehe.

because of my pregnancy also.. my trip to Bandung have received many negative feedback. due to the current H1N1 situation, i've been advised of not going to Bandung *sobs* so that's a bummer.

so to distract my misery away.. i remembered this article i read that fetal at a certain stage will reflect against light. so we turned off the light.. and took the torch light out. caveman was hesitating.. and thought its part of my hormon going nuts. but played along anyways.

it was so funny to feel her move and kick everytime we could spot her. at one point there was no respond.. and i couldn't figure out where she is. but the moment i knew where she has moved.. we turned the torch lite at her.. and she gave her biggest kick, ever. it was fun.. but m not sure i'd do it again when she's weighing more than a kilo. sakit k. heheh!

the things hormon crazy women do. hee.


Anonymous said...

hah, x jadi gi bandung, jual le tiket tu kat sana.weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anonymous said...

kat saya

little miss kechik said...

kat sana? kat mana? promo tix takleh tukau nama.. kalu idak.. dah lama dah kad tu kiteorg lelong.. hehe!

SarahLee said...

Oh, I wanna try that too! Didn't even think of that! haha, you are a cheeky mum!

little miss kechik said...

its fun.. trust me.. hehehe