Monday, 13 July 2009

the one that passed the 1 pound mark..

as i read my babycentre and what to expect weekly updates.. i was informed munchkin is supposed to surpass the 1 pound mark. i was thinking.. ni ikut mat salleh standard.. cannot be. anak gadis saya kan gadis asia yang genit.

well.. i was wrong. she's just exactly that. and after i found out how much she weighs.. her kicking and punching and rolling is very strong. at 476gm.. i can't imagine at 2kg! hahah!

and the shopping has picked up its pace.. with caveman running in full mode. he's so into it.. he made mothercare card.. toys r us card.. god knows what else.. all in 1 day! i guess he got really excited after watching his first ultrasound... and munchkin was opening and closing her mouth.. like a fish! it was so cute.. and the more we laughed.. the more she did it. teehee.

of course we havent picked up the major stuff like the stroller.. and the car seat. i know i want those infant to toddler convertible kind.. i just haven't had the time to find them. i love her crib, her chest cabinet and her uber cute swing/rocker thing. and caveman is determined to get her one of those exer-saucer.. since the walker is highly discouraged.

oh well... good nite peeps..


Twiggy said...

heeeheheh.. i know what you mean! my lil Dot is growing at textbook rate! sebijik macam what it says on the sites.

little miss kechik said...

kewl innit? for once i find reading actually make sense. hehehe!