Saturday, 8 August 2009

2D je..

the last time i went for an ultrasound.. munchkin was sleeping like a .. well.. baby la kan.. and we could see her chubby face and bubbling mouth all in its 2D ultrasound glory. i so need a 3D or 4D ultrasound la. tolongla. i can't wait to see how she looks like *grin*

and everytime someone sees her ultrasound print out.. they'll be like.. ni ape? ni tangan die ke? mana hidung die?? *grrrrrrr*!!!

but then again.. what you don't have can't hurt you.. so.. 2D pun 2D laa..

munchkin at 13 weeks..

munchkin at 25 weeks

my clerk, who is on maternity leave was so willing to drop by the office, to .. err.. check her emails. and brought her 2 week old boy along. he was so cute. full head of hair and all. at 3.2 kg.. buleh patah jugakla tangan kalau pegang lama. m so getting a sling. hee..


Terra Cin said...

better go for your 3D very very soon if you do want a good picture! when my obs got her 3D machine we were thrilled, but baby was too big to get a nice picture by then.

little miss kechik said...

yea? oh man... i better think of something soon.. hee..