Monday, 10 August 2009

aug in...aug out..

as i sit in my room.. counting munchkin's new clothes.. (i overbought in some categories.. and haven't bought any in others LOL) .. i realised i missed one of my friend's birthday.. it was on the 8th of Aug.

which then lead me to the second thing.. how last year.. everyone was making a big hu ha about the date 08.08.08. the number of people who got married on that date was countless.

which then reminded me.. it has already been a year since. waaa... so fast la. then it dawned on me.. that i got married on 10.10.08.. and munchkin is due on 10.11.09. i was born a day before my parent's anniversary. since munchkin couldn't repeat history.. maybe she can choose 11.11.08 for her birthday? *LOL*

weighing 928gm today.. she is in an oblique breech position.. which i thought is ok.. since she's only in her 27th week. since i didn't go to my obgyn today.. (mc dikeluarkan oleh GP saje ye kawan2) .. she gave me this very panicky talk on how at 36th week.. if munchkin's still at a breech.. then i would have a C-sec by 38th.

alaa.. relekk laa..

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Khemy said...

Insyaallah takder apa-apa..banyak masa lagi nak pusing..

little miss kechik said...

tu le die. you should see my FB.. ade gak ibu2 yang risau & cuba merisaukan aku.. lek a kan.. insyaAllah..