Friday, 14 August 2009

booby food..

so i've been getting a lot of very common questions of late :

1. laa.. tak due lagi?? (tak.. saya tak gemuk.. dan saya tak mengandungkan kembar.. my hubby is just genetically huge tqvm)

2. have you decided on a name? (no.. my hubby is suppose to do that. ye. saya seorang isteri yang obliging *LOL* i mean, m sure he wont name her kiah ronggeng.. or senang vouge kan? or.. siti ponti?? heheh)

3. are you going to breastfeed your baby? (YES!)

as poe might have realised (from her last visit to lumut.. tq mwah2!!)... everything that has the word "breast" on the packaging.. i will buy. i dunno la.. i guess maybe because my mom didn't breastfed me (she said back then inverted nipples, engorgement, what have yous.. has no remedies.. so she just quit *LOL*). you know this theory when you don't have / get when you were a kid... you will emulate it on your own kid. so instead of making my kid learn the belly dance (yes, i would like to learn if only they have it back in the 80's! hahhah) .. i wanna breastfeed my kid. insyaAllah..

so i've been religiously (literally and as a matter of factly) learning about breastfeeding.. and buying everything that is suppose to accomodate it. my mom thinks m crazy.. especially when she read babies can be breastfed to an average of 12 times a day. that's every 2 - 3 hours. round the clock la senang citer. and she doesn't believe that colostrum are known as the liquid gold. but still.. m sold on the idea of how healthy a baby is when breastfed.. and all the other good things about breastfed babies.. even on the recent H1N1. bla bla bla...

oh well. i dunno how this is going to turn out. until then..i still haven't got myself nursery bras, breastpump, those storage thingymajingy if i plan to pump the goodies at the office (i told you i plan everything).

wish me luck peeps *LOL*


Indispensable_poe said...

alamak! forgot to give you kain batik. i had about 3 which I never used. i am so not a skirt person.
hehehe... yes there's this association of cream crackers and milo with delivery wards. i don't know why. but dr yeak's staff will make you the drinks. don't worry, there's an econsave which your mom could always pop by to get you stuff.
and get disposable maternity underpants! you could that at dr yeak. hahahaha....
and don't forget to book anathetist. it's the guy who studied in australia i think. if not ask them to dig up my file.

little miss kechik said...

oh yea.. my aunties have been compiling them for me too. but i dunno how to wear them la. why can't wear pants? hehe!

Twiggy said...