Friday, 14 August 2009

packing list..

yes.. for people who knows me best.. they will know that i plan everything. everything. m always typing.. writing.. texting (lists) in my handphone.

as i reach my *faint* 7th month (woohoo.. 12 more weeks to go!!) .. i realise i have not done the packing list. you know.. the list of things i needed to bring to the clinic on the big day. my friends were telling me ( and mama too) to start packing now (fear of premie).. and to avoid any panicky mode (note : yes.. its in our blood.. caveman not spared).

so my mom & i started working out a packing list. fuh. macam nak dok sebulan. both mommy's & munchkin's stuff. we listed out the common things la.. like her stretchies, hooded blankets, kain batik ( i dunno for what), socks, she even mention crackers (clinic tak bagik beskut kering ke? kijam!) .. to mp3.. camera (t50.. or d60.. hmm) .. oh yea.. the infamous minyak telon and yu yi.. teehee...

sigh.. ntahla..

so peeps... do drop me a list. me very malas la. i want to copy only.

thanks aaa....

*photo from photobucket*

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