Monday, 31 August 2009

gula - gula..

remember a couple of weeks ago i mentioned due to the lovely banana pancake & honey madu breakfast i had before my ob-gyn appointment.. caused him to schedule a glucose test on me?


so yesterday i had to go again... with an empty tummy.. and poke my finger and bam!! it was 7.3. m like.. shit! i'm diabetic!! huuhuu... worst... i had to chug a lug a whole mug of glucose.. yuckkss!!! i almost throw up finishing it.

2 hours passed..

i return to, again poke my lovely (now chubby) finger and wooww... 4.5... hahaha! my ob-gyn... sorta blamed the nurse.. cos he can't figure it out.. how did it became lower after the glucose drink.

*note : during fasting.. the reading can't be more then 6.. after glucose.. it can't be more then 8.

so... m free from any gestational diabetic thing.. for now.. that is. hahaha! plus.. i get to see munchkin open her eyelids.. awww...


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