Monday, 31 August 2009

a week worth of chaos..

as much as i love my nephews.. in a group.. it is a totaly chaos. and to my horror.. in the fasting month, it is just chaotic!

the whole week was nerve wrecking.. but most of all.. i realise kids will come out with absolutely anything to get what they want. and the funniest... and most irritating conversation ever!

case in point : 1

along : opah.. bolehla saya buka. laparla
opah : tak boleh!
along : bolehla.. haus la.
opah : tak boleh!
along : saya rasa nak pengsan la..
baby : opah, opah.. dengar la ..
opah : along.. jangan ngada nak buka..
baby : opah.. dengarla.. cikgu saya cakap saya apa..
opah : nanti la kid 2..
along : saya nak air..
baby : opah!! dengar la!!
opah : apa die la??!!
baby : cikgu saya kata kan.. saya anak malaysia..
along : saya takleh buka ke?
opah : *blood pressure out of the window"

case in point : 2

along : nak air....
baby : along nak makan tak?
along : diam la..
baby : along boleh makan tak?
along : opah.. saya nak minum
baby : along.. nak makan maggi saya tak?
along : opah.. saya lapar..
baby : saya nak makan maggie. awak tak boleh.. *evil grin*

case in point : 3
along : saya nak buka
opah : jangan
along : saya nak pengsan ni
opah : jangan buka!
along : *guling2 kat dapo*
opah : *gives in*
ni paling kelakar la.. sebab i didn;t even think of this when i was 8 & fasting.. hahahah!



z.a.i.n.u.r said...

Haihh... budak budak sekarang ni

Indispensable_poe said...

you should film all these little episodes. so cute!!! so only the elder one is fasting and the little one isn't?