Sunday, 23 August 2009

writer's block (again)

kenapa saya kena writer's block :

1. saya banyak keje...
try completing 5 months work (sept to jan) in about 2 months.. and this is only to go off for 2 months of maternity!

2. m neither here, nor there with the munchkin & mummy's list. i think. the latest thing i got was barut, for her. and i havent even packed my bag. bulan depan, leh tak?

3. the mushroom is a mess. though my nesting mode has kicked in.. so does other thing (in a form of a cute little fetus named ...... ye, hubby & i finally has a name that he chose & i liked. i will still call her kiah ronggeng if she misbehave.. LOL)

4. the fasting month (selamat berpuasa hari ke dua peeps..)
after much thinking.. and getting feedbacks from other mummies.. i've decided to give fasting a shot. since my obgyn gave me the green light to do so.. so far.. so good. tak tau la esok kan.. at work.. with all that talking.. (why can't these people stop calling during the fasting month!!) . so far munchkin is as active as ever.. i guess her supply is ample. tengok perut la kan. hahahaa

oh well...


emas_juita said...

rase cam kejap je ek but the Kiah Ronggeng will soon pop up and the miss kechik will going to be errr...mum kechik.hehehehe.happy for you darling.
just to busy with the wedding preparation and your advice on prepare everything eventhough he's not around will come across my mind everytime i wanted to do something.yep....everything is ready.tunggu nak pasang pelamin jek when he come home.thanx a lot for a very helpful tips.hehehe....(save the date this christmas)

Kartini said...

i called mine joyah whenever they misbehaved hehe