Monday, 7 September 2009

back to basic..

i came across a couple of articles on babycentre that zooms in on buying for a baby (yes.. a baby.. but by the rate we woman are going.. its like we're buying for quads!) ..

moses basket Pictures, Images and Photos

well.. its basic enough.. enough to rest my restless and itchy hands of buying everything.. by probably 20%.. LOL. lucky moses basket is in the list.. for i loveeeeeeee (hint) moses baskets. caveman thought its a complete waste of dough... (his dough that is.. ahahhahah).. but i reasoned that moses (nabi musa) was sailed out in a moses basket. so, why cant our baby have one? oklah lame.. but i remembered when i was a kid.. i saw this documentary on moses, and was going.."woah.. that'a nice basket.. babies sure looked cute in them..i must have one someday".. and i was about 5, ladies & gentleman. hahaah!

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Khemy said...

hey this martine kinda funny..LOL..and somehow true..

Sista said...

the moses basket is very classic - no doubt. at least for 3 months. but i personally think its a waste of money ...and after the baby outgrows it, you'll have a problem storing it away..

or it can be also be used to put baby's clothes or other baby's stuff or whatever..

you should just buy a baby carrier cum car seat. that's more practical.