Monday, 7 September 2009

sleepless in lumut...

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imagine it was raining heavily & the wind sounded it could send my bathroom door flying..

there i was.. in my king sized bed.. under the 16 degrees a/c.. and a fan which is set on high.. is tossing (and turning verrrrryyyyyyy slowly) with the little diva squirming if i sleep on my left (apparently she's on my left, and hates is when i squish her.. i thought she lives in a mega baloon??!)

and don't get me started on heartburns (welcome back sucker!) .. and leg cramps (well its been a while, no?) .. and of course.. my super bladder..

the joy of maternity..


Note : some article on it at babycentre


Khemy said...

28 weeks ke atas tak leh duduk rumah sorang2 lagi weh..bahaya...tidur la kat taman hijo..

little miss kechik said...

mana aku dok sorang2 beb?? mabok? heheh! mama & abah have been staying at my house since day 1.. except for when caveman's home..

Mom again said...

yes khemy, kechik is the luckiest of us all!!!
not only does she get home cooking, she gets her parents' company and her kids will be raised by her parents. i'm so jealous.

little miss kechik said...

alhamdullilah.. hee..

Sista said...

aahh.. the stage of preggy that i hate most.