Friday, 23 October 2009

the impending list..

sigh. the impending list. impending, overflowing, new list *LOL*. just to keep me awake at night. yes.. the insomnia has just gotten worst. it seemed i could only fall asleep for an hour.. or so.. and my eyes will be wide open. for hours on end.

so what else is new..? i have a feeling that munchkin might make her grand entrance a little earlier then expected. of course, my peeps have been telling me of the tell tale signs... and now all i do is ticking it of the list :

1. i went from "my gawd my toes are like giants fries at Chilli's" to "look!! my feet are like duck flipppers.. all the fingers are stuck together!!" to the current "oh, i can see the light in between my fingers again!". which, according to most peeps is a sign that labour is soon when ur feet swell.. then shrunk back again. i dunno. u tell me.

2. loose bowel movement. nuff said.

3. nesting. ah ha. today.. i washed.. sterilized.. dry.. and organize all of her bottles. breast pump je blum sterilize *grin*

4. of course.. as per my ob-gyn's observation.. she has definitely engaged. ofcourse he didnt tell me about the stations.. i presume he thinks i dunno. and i also didnt ask. cos all i could think of was.. woww... soon??

so what else i've been up to... (since ive been pretty quiet.. many have been asking whether i've actually delivered.. hehehe) :

1. dvd. caveman couldnt wait until confinement kicks in to start watching. so oklah.. watch mostly his korean and japanese dvd.

2. pigging out all the food (and drinks) i can't have during confinement. big & tasty (mcd) is currently top of my list. hee.

3. munchkin is now on first name basis. yes, caveman has finally decided on a name. which he will announce on the 7th day, insyaAllah (if i can keep my gob shut that is LOL). oklah.. truth is.. i implicitly made him think that name is the one.. totally supercede the name he originally picked. my reasoning? this name sounds somewhat like the name he wanted.. but it has a better meaning. smart.. am i not? hahahah! but he liked it too.. so its not like its my idea la kan.. naming her, it is still his thing. i just twicked it, a bit. *wink*

so until then.. m still coping with the very heavy below the belly button weight.. and the pressure on my pelvic is.. urgh.. and i could even feel something pushing its way through in me. see.. that's what insomnia does to you.. hehehe!

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