Friday, 16 October 2009

its THE friday..

now now.. dont get all hissy at me.. its only my looooooonggg maternity leave.. although m supposed to start taking them in my 39th week.. but with the waddling.. and perut yang berat.. i told sexyback i have to start my leave soon. wee!

but if i do deliver as per EDD.. then my cuti is definitely not enough. sigh. so sedeh.

but oh well... one thing at a time... m now pigging out all the things i wont be allowed to eat during confinement. i think tomorrow i'll have mcd.. hmm.......


khemy said...

wow..bestnyer...jangan risau..start awal tahun banyak cuti lagi beb..

cuti jangan tak cuti..cuti jangan tak cuti..

emas_juita said...

hope everything will went well...mummy n baby safely delivered
caveman dah balik ke?