Thursday, 31 December 2009

at two different ends...

before i have hannah.. mama & most of my peeps have warned me that during confinement (especially) a lot of people will be dropping advises, tips, life wisdom (hee). most of which will just piss me off (knowing me).

true enough.. i could write a book on the things i pick up during my confinement. some made me laugh.. most made me cringe. some, just totally pisses me off , of course minus my favourite word (c***i heheh) sebab mama kata dalam pantang kena banyak bersabor. sabor la sangat.

and it made me realise.. words can really hurt you, irrespective the fact it came from someone old.. or young. but the best quotes within that 44 days were :

quote paling touching :

"saya harap lepas ni mama (what my nephew calls me) beranak dapat boy la. dah ade 1 boy, 1 girl, tak payah la die beranak lagi. kesian tau.. sakit die kena belah perut"

quote paling kuang hajor :

"nampak macam banyak tapi takde ek" (referring to the equation between the size of my boobs & my milk supply)

my peep hani did mention that a lot of people wont be cutting me any slack & will instantly critizes my parenting ways. m glad she told me that.. cos now i can so say..

"sukati laaa! anak aku..."


fififlafla said...

muahhahah! if its in Facebook, i will definitely "LIKE" this!

Hani said...

hani tu i eh?
u r doin great gurl..
keep it up!!!

and like maya..i definitely DO "LIKE" this :)