Thursday, 24 December 2009

at 6 weeks..

at 6 weeks :

1. still having lactation issues..depleting flow.pulak. sad. as an obsessed breastfeeding mom. m doing everything ..eating anything i can think of to increase the flow. milkmaid tea la.. all kinds of veggies.. i came across this blog (which my cousin yaya recommends) .. and she has like .. a gajillion bottles of ebm (thats expressed breast milk..yes, they have jargons too). she listed out the food (and drinks) that helped improved her milk flow. worth trying.

2. which leads to a frantic hannah, everytime she didn't get enough. m so determined not to mix her feed, so i didn't push her formula her way. i did one night though (2oz), and she was still hungry. sometimes i think all she wants is the boobs to help her sleep. but this article i read (which precisely described hannah), claimed that it could be a slow flow. which, is true as it took me an hour to express only 4oz.and it wasn't a waterfall or anything.. sigh.

3. it is official.. it is no longer gas.. it is a real smile. especially when she hears mommy enters the room. she gave the widest grin (boob alert!boob alert!). hee. i love watching her smile. especially when she wakes up. her lids will squint, she'd see me & smile. teethless. LOL. i can't imagine how adorable she will be when the tooth fairy drops a couple of pearly whites on her. i hate the the thought of going back to work & seeing her only a couple of hours a day.

4. which reminds me.. i should start making my stocks of expressed milk. sigh.

merry x'mas peeps!


Helen said...

Hey, I had milk flow issues too and my breast feeding midwife put me on domperidone for 2 weeks which is a pill that can increase milk supply. That isnt it's main use and it isn't registered for that use but it really did work for me. Because it was so successful for me she allowed me to go on it for a further 2 weeks and now I have plenty. I was getting about an ounce and a half total from both sides and now I can get up to 9 oz overnight!!!!! Just thought it might be worth asking a health professional about. Good luck with it all :o)

little miss kechik said...

reallly? 9oz? wooww....