Tuesday, 1 December 2009

flawless, no more..

during Eid Adha.. my mom told me all i could have was the beef rendang. the next day i discovered tiny red rashes with white bumps on munchkin's chubby cheeks. and some on her forehead, nose.

until today, these rashes kept coming and going. i kept thinking could it be something i ate (was even considering going vegan *grin*).

no matter how i've been told that it is very normal.. and will go away naturally.. i was still worried (first time mom.. takkan tak tau kot.. hehe).. i mean.. its on her pretty little face. if it was nappy rash i'd know what to do.. (which, i've bought the infamous sudocrem via ebay.. just incase.. tapi taktau bile sampai from uk.. ye, i just need a reason to shop. heehe.)..

this is quiet a read ..

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