Thursday, 3 December 2009

in 24 hours..

1. she refuses her afternoon nap..
2. loves her new bouncer..but wouldn't spend a minute in it once she sees / hears me.
3. but fell asleep in it anyways.
4. throws a tantrum & lashes out on my boobs *LOL* but ouch!
5. the first time she actually throws a fit. a real one.
6. mommy & hannah did manage to get 6 hours of sleep (in between 2 nappy change & 2 booby session)
7.she can turn herself to sleep on her side. to which i keep placing her back on her back. then she keeps turning herself back to her side. i was just afraid she might roll herself to me. hehe
8. finally took her to a pediatrician. since her jaundice kept coming back. she only panicked when he stretches her to take her height (53cm).. and head circumference (she looked dead funny we couldnt stop laughing at her).
9. she gained almost a kilo in 3 weeks.. she is now 3.75kg (woohoo!) and she has breast milk jaundice (caveman's first response was.. takde pun dalam buku tu??).
10. and its not rashes .. its acne. both item 9 & 10 will go away in 2 to 3 months. there goes her close ups.. hehe..

the end. hee


Anonymous said...
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Sha said...

seems u are adjusting to mommyhood well. Good for u :)