Wednesday, 6 January 2010

and now..

right after the akikah (which i will soon have time to complete, the post).. caveman headed back to KL for he is to sign on in Kemaman the following day. *sobs*

so now it is just hannah & i. well.. my mom was kind enough to crash in, though i didn't expect her to be up at 3am changing diapers..hee.. just her present in our awefully huge but quiet room is great.

but since caveman left for work (even a couple of days before the akikah), hannah have been very clingy to me. and she would be cooing with caveman every chance she gets (their bonding time : diaper change hehe). and it saddened me that until today (caveman is still in kemaman, thus roaming is still possible) she would sob, or have tears welled up in her eyes everytime i put caveman's call on the loudspeaker *sobs* it kills both caveman & i to go through this. being only 2 months old!

and she has been on what they call cluster feedings.. and very, very fussy. evenings. days. today.. she woke up at 9.30.. and have been on a feeding frenzy since. and now.. finally fell asleep in my bed, at 9.30pm. i dont even look human. and i thank God for not having any blocked ducts drama today (yes, it took a female GP with 5 kids to figure out all these while it is blocked ducts.. and not mastitis.. f**k!!).

these are a good read on cluster feedings and fussy evenings as well as ways to soothe a fussy baby.

"Your baby will not be spoiled if you hold him and nurse him often - quite the opposite, in fact. Studies have shown that when babies are held often and responded to quickly, the babies cry less, and the parents learn to read baby's cues more quickly. A young child's need for his mother is very intense - as intense as his need for food. Know that your child really needs you. It is not about manipulation or something you can "fix" with the right discipline. Often a baby who is perceived as fussy is simply a baby who needs more contact with mom (and is smart enough to express this need) and is content once his needs are met."


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