Saturday, 27 February 2010

a long week..(weeks)

so..since the decision to take the long leave was taken.. it has been a super stressful time for me. first the applications for the leave was left collecting dust in sexyback's inbox for days, until he told me he needed to speak to his bos about it. fine.

then he needed a letter. it could have come sooner, but nooo.. it has to be informed a couple of days before the leave starts. and so the search for the best draft started. i finally used witch ros (thanks mommy!!!)'s draft.

then he told me..."belum tentu lagi ni ye". shit. and here i am rushing all my work so i could leave as little of those workload crap behind.

and hannah has been acting up the whole time i was stressed. i guess its true when they say your emotion during nursing will affect the baby.

on the last day.. he told me he will give me 2 weeks of annual leave first.. until we get the result of the unpaid leave application from the hr. if the application is rejected, i will then have 2 weeks to settle hannah's bottlephobic. if it goes through.. i will continue the sabatical leave until june.

so.. whatever happens.. i have 2 weeks..yes, 14 days.. to either :

1. start hannah on the bottle.. but.. EBM? formula?
2. start hannah on solids..

failing either one.. especially the first unacceptable.

sigh.. pray for me peeps...

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