Thursday, 11 February 2010

this is it..

no.. no MJ please..

after much contemplating.. i finally made up my mind..

after 2 hours of balun session.. (sexyback however is in good mood.. tapi still kena bambu) i picked up my cell to call mama, to ask how hannah is doing. the last i fed her was 12.30pm. it was already almost 5pm.

she picked up the phone and told me she's at the lobby. my office's lobby. with hannah.

and there they were.. teary eyed. as i hugged hannah, who gave me her gummy smile.. i swore i would never let this happen again. nothing in this world will do it. nothing. all i want is to be with hannah. until she is more settled

and sexyback gave me the OK for the unpaid leave. until June.



emas_juita said...

3mth birthday present for hannah ;))

Mom again said...

glad to hear that and happy bonding!

gee said...

bestnya hannah.....

a yummy mummy handbook said...

Hannah will be estastic!!!...and im sure u will be happy to babe, those extra months will do both of you good.

auntie ena coming home to see you soon lil miss gummy!

lulu is also lil miss gummy...10 bulan tarak satu gigi lagi...:)

Anonymous said...

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