Friday, 9 April 2010

Damn freezer!!

the first time i had to throw away almost 30oz of ebm was when i realised my ebm had a high amount of the lipase enzyme.which, required me to scald the ebm,before cooling&freezing it.i almost cried at the sight of my precious liquid gold poured down the drain.
I have since started expressing&making a new batch of ebm since hannah showed some positive signs of taking the bottle/sippy cup.
Today my mom discovered that all,read,ALL of my ebm had thawed in the freezer.i had no idea what's going on,but my dad later discovered the number thingy in the freezer (which denoted the temperature) was lower then the freezing point. was another 30oz of my hard earned labour of love.i think some people may find it silly,but try expressing your mcB in the little surau at the office..which will take you anything between 30 to 60 minute (before the wonders of electric pump)..the sight of a full 5oz bottle is just as exciting as buying something new.storing them is just as fun,watching it neatly stored in tiny containers of 2-3oz each.stacked like white teeth.and to have it all thrown away.

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