Tuesday, 6 April 2010


When i was growing up,i never moved around.unlike most of my other friends whom dads are in the navy. It was always no 27 taman hijau,where my friends would chill&eat.eating is a big deal at my house.since my mom loved (past tense ye kawan2) to cook. Moving to our new home,i rarely go back there for my parents are always here too.

Yesterday,at the strike of midnight, our electricity went out.damn.it was still pretty chilly so hannah continued snoozing.

30 minute passed.

1 hour passed.

she was getting restless.but still sleeping.my hands were probably dead for holding her mini batery operated fan for dear life.

I think we should hang for a while in the car,i told caveman.a very sleepy hannah was very obliging.but confused.and i know she's afraid of the dark.not wanting to pass out due to carbon whatever poisoning,caveman decided to drive around town.

2am.2 hour has passed.This is not working out.we decided to crash at my parents'.my mom wasn't so convinced as she has not set foot in our old house since hannah was born.and a man's version of 'yes i clean it up every weekend' makes her nervous. But what choice have we got.as her car bag is always,ehem,complete&ready,vroom vrromm we go!

i miss my taman hijau home. Seriously. And hannah was very excited for she get to trash opah's real bedroom tonight.hee.after watching glee (yes,both mommy&munchkin is a huge fan),she finally fell asleep at 4ish am.

My dad texted us at 5am saying the power is back in.sigh.imagine had we stayed on&wait.i remembered the same thing happened when i was preggers.and we did the exact same thing.back to taman hijau.i don't know what i would do without it.

It was pretty weird going home with hannah.showing her my room.my stuff.my books.although her smiles did not mean she gets it,but hei,i'd like to think she's my kid&she gets me.hehe.showing her where mommy grow up is a big deal to me.like,mommy's childhood is just around the corner.it reminded me how simple it was.and i should emulate that to hers too.

Maybe i should make our taman hijau home part of my 2010 project.that would be fun,hee.

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