Friday, 7 May 2010

At the end of the day..

After considering all factors&tips given by my peeps (including comments given by my blogsphere peeps).. I am determined to increase my dairy (lol) output,no matter what.

Then i realised what m doing wrong.

I have probably tried every food&drink recommended but still fail. Something is wrong somewhere. Then i realise i am edgy most of the time while expressing. Well, this is the office by th way. And knowing sexyback is totally against me just adds more stress. While nursing i am completely calm, having my cheeky keledek grinning while on the boobs.

So i've decided a change in game plan. Yesterday, I walk into the surau with an empty mind, focusing only on my booby mission (the fact that sexyback has been away since wednesday is a major boost). Armed with my handphone with all hannah's photos & recitals that i need, i start expressing. Every other issues around me were non existent. Only hannah. And zikir.

Alhamdullilah,it worked! So it is true that stress is the no 1 culprit when your milk production is low. And no supplement, food or drink can help you if you can't kick the stress to the curb. At least, during nursing and expressing.

And i find all the milk booster drink / food worked better too. Before i think none worked for me. Including fenugreek (halba). I think it is working its magic better now. Thanks anis!

So mommies.. The key is.. to stay as calm as possible. We can do this (wahh tiba2 rasa macam booby bootcamp je hahahhaha)

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