Wednesday, 2 June 2010


At 6 months, she :
1. Is a solid veteran. Cereals come & go. Fruits come & go. Veggies..err..
2. Is still a booby baby
3. Is Still learning the art of sitting without capsizing *lol*
4. Is huge on tickles, but only with mommy
5. Will pinch opah when she spills how hannah was behaving while mommy's at work
6. Will stick her tounge out just to irritate her audience
7. Will show mommy with her hand which side she wants to nurse. Seriously.
8. Will wake mommy up by patting on her booby *lol*
9. Laughs just like mommy (giggle, snort,hysterical)
10. Gives mommy a big hug when she got home from work

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