Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fasting & breastfeeding..

After much contemplating.. I have finally decided to fast. to replace all the 28 days that i have missed, last ramadhan. Sigh.

Many have warned how it will decrease my milk supply. But hei, come ramadhan this year.. It still has to be done right? Although just like pregger moms, nursing moms have some exceptions.

My 1st attempt failed gloriously (sahur at 5, nurse at 5.40, nurse again at 7, 7.30 m a veggie.. 8.00am..buka!haha). So with hannah by my side, i had rice for sahur (i have never in my 23 years of fasting had rice for sahur).

So here's to berpuasa peeps! Tips are welcomed..

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