Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Ebm mismanagement..

After two cases of fridge fiasco.. I am practically jinxed. In the ebm (expressed breast milk) section, that is. Supply has been erratic. Gone are the days where i don't have to worry should i miss one expressing session. For there was an abundance of stock in the fridge. WAS.

m running out of stock for my ebm. hannah now needs 12 - 15oz from 9 - 5. 3oz per feed, excluding my lunch hour where i would be home to feed her twice. Then there's solid feeding in between. I was advised to stop feeding her breakfast(except fruits), since she was a bit constipated. Thus, more ebm in the morning. And also in the afternoon, since she gets very hungry from all that rolling & crawling practise.

While i, on the other hand.. Could only express not more than 8oz. Per day. That is at least a 4oz deficit per day. Yes, i am a true banker. To the bone *lol*

Anyway, just like in a bank..whatever you lose today.. You have to double the effort the next day to catch up. As money only multiplies.

So i tried expressing more today. 10:00, 14:00&17:00. Production was low & all i got was 8oz. Sigh. And all these took 1 1/2 hour of my working time. Aiyo.

I've decided to give double expressing another shot (the last time i tried, i failed miserably. Milk all over the floor, wet shirts, tears).

Sigh. The misadventures of motherhood.

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