Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Snots go away!

Finally hannah is snots free, after a week! Thanks khemy for the tumeric tip *hugs*. it was funny seeing her with a yellow nose & all. But it worked.

And after much googling, i read that sometimes dairy product could worsen a runny nose situation where it increases / thicken the mucus (i couldn't recall which is which). And i realised she started getting them a day after i introduced her to yogurt. Which, she loved. And made her poo poo really easy. So i've been feeding her yogurt everyday since we were travelling a lot (it didn't give her gas, i thought it was ok).

So we stopped feeding her yogurt on monday&she hasn't had any runny nose since. Dang! One favourite food out of the list!

I guess hannah&i will be away from the dairy aisle for quiet a bit.

Sigh. Buhhbyee yummy ice creams..

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